Academies Preparatory School (AFAPS)
A Speech of His Majesty the King Bhumibol Adulyadej Given to the Pre - Cadets

"Pre-cadets will assume great responsibilities and become commanders in the future. Good beginnings can be expected to result in great successes. Therefore, you should set as your goals from now on: To have a sense of duty and responsibility; To conduct yourselves in a disciplined manner; To know how to make sacrifices; To have integrity; To be patient and to be persevering both academically and practically as you have been taught; To prove yourselves worthy and to be the strong future force of the country."
Chitralada Villa, Dusit Palace
January 1, 1960

Brief History of Armed Forces Academies Preparatory School (AFAPS)

On January 27 1958, the Ministry of Defense passed the resolution to combine the Royal Military Academy Prep-School, the Royal Thai Naval Academy Prep- School and the Royal Thai Air Force Academy Prep-School. The objective of the institution formed by integrating these three academies is to train selected young men to become commissioned officers of the Thai Armed Forces. Their studying together would promote unity and harmony that would lead to efficient coordination and inter-service cooperation during their military careers. In 1963, the Police department requested that the police cadets also be allowed to receive training at the Armed Forces Academies Preparatory School before they were admitted to the Police Cadet Academy. Armed Forces Academies Preparatory School is therefore the only institution to admit selected young men who are to be trained to become commissioned officers. These young men are determined to sacrifice their lives to protect and serve their country. The Armed Forces Academies Preparatory School is under Command of the National Defense Studies Institute, which is a subordinate unit of the Royal Thai Armed Forces Headquarters. The school's present location is at Sri Ka-Ang sub-district, Ban-Na district, Nakorn Nayok province. To mark the auspicious opening of the new facility, the school invited Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn to preside over the opening ceremony of the school at its new location on September 15, 2000.

Locations of AFAPS form past to present

1958 – 1961 :

temporarily resided with Chulachomklao Royal Military Academy

1961 – 2000 :

located at 1875 Rama IV Road, Tambon Lumpini, Pathumwan District,


Bangkok 10330, the total area was about 51 acres

2000 – present :

the present address is 9 Moo 10, Tambon Sri Ka- Ang, Ban-Na


District, Nakhon Nayok 26110





The Armed Forces Academies Preparatory School's mission is to educate and equip pre-cadets with the knowledge and professional skills to be effective military and police officers. Its mandate is to find their improvement potential and the character traits essential for becoming leaders of military units, and to train the pre-cadets to live up to the school's philosophy of unity, knowledge and integrity.


The administration of the school is divided into eleven divisions and two offices


The role of headquarters is to coordinate and provide administrative management in accordance with the school's mission and policy, as well as to manage financial affairs,

Education Branch

The role of the Education Branch is to provide pre-cadets with an efficient academic program according to the fundamental academic curriculum designed by the Ministry of Education and the academic curriculum introduced by the four service academies.

Pre-cadet Regiment

The role of the Pre-cadet Regiment is to oversee, to command and to provide basic military training including; professional soldiering, tactics, weapons studies, discipline, psychology, leadership, and military and police customs and courtesies.

Statistics and Evaluation Division

The role of the Statistics and Evaluation Division is to collect statistical data and registration information for pre-cadets enrollment. This information is used to evaluate their academic performance and is included in their personal records.

Physical Education Division

The role of the Physical Education Division is to provide physical education and recreational sports. This is emphasized both theoretically and practically in order to promote physical and mental fitness.

Medical Division

The role of the Medical Division is to administer medical treatment and preventive disease controls to ensure that pre-cadets are always in excellent health.

Support Division

The role of the Support Division is to supply military rations and provisions, training weapons, transportation, training gear, electronic and communication devices, and laundry service.

Military Science Division

The role of the Military Science Division is to provide pre-cadets with basic military and police training, tactics, and weapons studies, according to the AFAPS curriculum. It is also responsible for the syllabus development and other tasks assigned.

Service Company

The Service Company is responsible for the school's security system as well as supporting the school's missions. The company also runs the King's Sufficiency Economy activities for pre-cadets to take part in so that they could apply its principles to live a good life.

Office for Military Education Standards and Quality Assessment of AFAPS

The office is in charge of conducting and supervising the internal quality assessment , and annually producing the Self Assessment Report (SAR) for external quality assessment.

AFAPS Tourist Center

The AFAPS Tourist Center is responsible for providing tourist information around AFAPS as well as organizing skill-development activities and recreation activities for people visiting AFAPS.


Academic Curriculum:

The current three-year program was implemented in 2007 to match the senior high
school course level of the Fundamental Academic Curriculum, designed by the Ministry of
Education. Great emphasis is placed on mathematics, science, foreign languages, social
science, and the Thai religion and culture. The program also includes professional subjects
which aim at developing leadership, promoting physical and mental fitness, and inculcating
integrity and military and police ethic with a focus on practical training such as basic military
training, field exercises, and a study-visit to military bases and schools. There are also
educational tours to some of the Thai historic sites conducted as part of the Thai history and
Thai identity studies. After having completed the three-year program with the qualified GPA
of not less than 2.00, pre-cadets are eligible to further their studies in the three Service
Academies and the Police Cadet Academy.



AFAPS not only educate and equip pre-cadets with the knowledge and professional skills, but also instil in them the required character, leadership, and gentlemanship through the following system and programs:




Honor System This is to develop a fundamental attribute of character and gentlemanship. Pre-cadets must follow the honor code: " We will not lie, cheat, or steal, nor tolerate among us those who do " .





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